Tool Room
Mechanite Engineering Solutions a full-fledged Tool-Room with state of art machines all under one roof.

We provide Product Designing, Tool Design, CAM Tool path generations as some of the services to our valued customers

Manufacturing assignments of Plastic Moulds, prototype tooling, Die-casting Dies can be undertaken.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding/Contract Manufacturing
Our modern injection moulding facility produces technical articles and plastic components of all types. Our flexibility enables the production of anything from small batches to ongoing serial runs.

We use state-of-the-art machinery with 300 KN to 5,500 KN locking pressure. Depending on the batch size, the items are handled automatically until they are in the packaging unit or are packed manually based on the specific size of the batch.
  • • Plastic components from 10 to 450 grams
  • • Machines with locking pressures from 30T to 550T
  • • High-performance technical articles
  • • Flexible batch sizes
  • • Automatic or manual packaging
  • • Injection molding plastic for low and high volume production
  • • Contract manufacturing from your product design through development and manufacturing to ready for   market
  • • JIT, KanBan and customized stocking programs

Product Development
With World class machines and expertise at your disposal we'll help you move new products into the market as quickly as possible. We are accustomed to working with a wide variety of CAD data, drawings, or even ideas in the "cocktail napkin" stage. Wherever appropriate, we recommend the use of low-cost developmental tooling and relatively low initial production quantities. This enables you to bring revenue-generating products to market quickly, while minimizing up-front costs. Plus there's no sacrifice in part quality, function, fit or appearance.

Since our founding, we have helped our customers to successfully develop and produce a variety of injection molded plastic parts and products.

Plastic Molded Concepts employs all available development and production technologies for injection molding plastic. In addition many "home grown" technologies give us the ability to produce the most durable, consistent injection molded products to help assure the customer's end use product survival. We are famous for technical competence in completion of "crazy jobs no one else will do.

Direct contact

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